Rental Application

GPS tracker Rental Solution

Why renting makes sense?

What you really want is to maximise the efficiency of your remote assets and workforce, not to become the owner of a fleet of GPS units to take care of too!

Renting means:

  • No capital outlay or upfront costs
  • Installation assistance and rebate ($80)
  • Warranty for the duration of the contract
  • Immediate results and control of your fleet and assets


How renting Works

Our rental agreements terms are:

  • 36, 48 or 60 month agreements
  • Processed by Debit Success (one of the largest full service direct debit initiators in Australasia) as a direct debit on your bank account
  • Friendly pro-rata early cancellation fees when hardware is returned in good condition
  • 20% discounts on renewals at the end of term

What happens next?

    1. We receive your no-obligation application from the form below, 
    2. contact you to confirm details of your requirement and then 
    3. prepare an on-line Debit Success form for you to simply complete online and submit.... that's it!


GPS Tracking Rental Application Form

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