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To address the growing need to manage vehicles, fleets and assets online, VTNZ proudly presents the GPS Log Book | GPS LiVE Track range of trip loggers, vehicle trackers and asset locators to help you introduce driver safety and asset security, while improving operational efficiency.

VTNZ's Range of GPS Trackers

GPS Log Book

A cost effective way of managing expense claims for business kilometres, off-road Road User Charges, employee travel expenses and general fleet management.
It’s easy to use and simply plugs in to your vehicle’s power source and fully integrates with Google Maps for full trip recording. You can also use the reports to make IRD and NZTA compliant mileage claims much easier. For more information visit


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GPS Live Track

A real-time tracking system that enables you to measure and control your remote workforce and recover vehicles if stolen.

You can view multiple vehicles at the same time on the live tracking screen or detailed trip logs for each vehicle on maps. Plus manage zones and categorise trips.

The range features a device for every application including IP67 rated; weather, dust and dirt proof tracking, battery powered devices for non-motorised assets, fleet & personal vehicle trackers, with plug-in or hardwire options and options that include Driver ID, refrigeration monitoring, Iridium satellite and panic buttons!

Ideal for tracking your car, truck, bike, boat, jetski, digger or dumper. 


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GPS Live Tracking Benefits

Live Tracking

Real-time tracking of vehicles and assets.

Driver Behaviour Score

Improves driver safety and vehicle treatment.

Accident & Rollover Alert

Keep your team safe with proactive alerts.

Billing & Timesheets

Reports provide billing & work hours details.

Equipment Rental

Measure usage hours for accurate billing.


Alerts for asset movement, tamper or theft.

Service & Maintenance

easily set reminders for every requirement.

Non-powered Assets

Long-life Battery locators for trailers & equipment.

GPS Trackers

 GPSLiVEtrack Essential
GPSLiVEtrack Essential
Full featured | low-cost | ultra-reliable GPS\GLONASS | Driver behaviour | Accident Alert | Plug-in or hardwire
From $359.00
 GPSLiVEtrack Rugged
GPSLiVEtrack Rugged
IP67 Water & dust proof | Rugged case | high-detail tracking | Driver behaviour | Accident Alert | Plug-in or Hardwire
 GPSLiVEtrack FlexiFleet
GPSLiVEtrack FlexiFleet
Expandable FlexiCard | Refrigeration Monitoring | Driver ID | Driver Behaviour | Accident Alerts
From $459.00

 GPSLiVEtrack Iridium
GPSLiVEtrack Iridium
Hybrid GSM & Iridium | 100% Rural Coverage | Hi-detail Tracking | Driver ID | Driver Behaviour | Accident Alerts
From $959.00
 GPSLiVEtrack Mini-Battery
GPSLiVEtrack Mini-Battery
Up to 4 year Battery powered | IP67 water & dust proof | Place 'n Trace | Compact | Movement Alert
 GPSLiVEtrack Sensor
GPSLiVEtrack Sensor
Up to 6 months USB Rechargeable Battery life | Place 'n Trace | Light Sensor | Movement Alert | Temp Sensor